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Prime One Invest


Prime One Invest is exclusive, exceptional and innovative. When you ask us to manage your investment, we will help you save valuable time and maximise the performance of your money. We offer fully comprehensive management of all the key services you require.

Our Mission

It is our mission to empower individual investors with knowledge, ideas and confidence to enable them to make their own, well-informed investment decisions.
We do not simply rely on our own knowledge and experience, but strive to create partnerships with investors at the pinnacle of their respective fields to allow our followers to benefit from their expertise. We strive to provide a personalised service which will assist and inform each individual investor to make successful long-term investment decisions.



Whether searching for a vacation property, a home, a retail development or a golf-related property investment, we endeavor to offer you choices which fit your unique needs.



We believe in active management of all services that any investor may require. We aim to provide an exclusive and bespoke service so that our clients can enjoy the best possible investments.




At Prime One Invest, we rely on absolute professionalism, discretion, cooperation and our vast experience to provide the best possible service to any investor.